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I am so thankful to Presidium team for giving us Ms. Monika. My daughter Dhriti Rawat studies in Prep-B and for her Monika mam is the most wonderful person she has ever met. I am a working mother and hardly had time for my daughter but Monika mam took good care of her and gave her an incredibly beautiful and rock-solid start at school. It was all because of Monika mam’s dedication and hard work and her way of teaching wonderful things that Dhriti could win big achievements and improve when it comes to learning. She really enjoys being at school and I guess a simple thank you seems inadequate for all this. Anyway, thank you so much Presidium!

Teachers at Presidium, dwarka6 are worth appreciation. My daughter Maithili of Nursery C always has positive things to say about her class and specially about her teachers Megha and Kavita mam. They make a dry subject interesting, plan incredible activities to keep the children engaged and entertained which is not an easy task. They have a dynamic way of delivering lessons and keeping children motivated leaving no scope for them to get bored. I must say, Megha and Kavita mam are doing a fantastic job. Maithili loves going to school and she is learning a lot. Thank you to the entire Presidium team for being an excellent educator!
Mrs. and Mr. Chopra

I am really happy with the progress of my son Aryaman Gupta in class 1A during this session. I deeply thank Abha mam for the effort she has put in to make him reach such level. It’s her attention, love and way of teaching which make students pay attention towards their studies and extra activities. Aryaman really enjoyed his tenure in class1 and he keeps appreciating his class teacher.
Malini Gupta
Parents of Aryaman Gupta

I can’t express how thankful I am to the entire Presidum team for giving Khwaish the chance to compere at the Mothers Pride Annual Day. It was a big achievement for me and I am so very proud of her. I want to express my gratitude to the entire team of Presidium for believing in Arnav and choosing him for the Annual Day. Sudha mam even sent her assistant to call my son and she applauded him for his performance and congratulated him. It was such an overwhelming experience which I won’t ever forget. Thank you so much Presidium!
Parents of Khwaish

A big thanks to Presidium. We are very much satisfied with the school which includes conceptual learning methods. Your methods of introducing a topic to the children are excellent. Classrooms are like laboratory where they do not study only but experiment with various subjects. We highly appreciate the teachers including Ms. Vishakha, Ms. Shalini, Ms. Ruchi and Ms Renuka, who cooperate with the parents and understand the children. We salute their patience, positive attitude, flexibility, problem handling and understanding behavior. At Presidium, they are not producing parrots, but children with good understanding, right attitude, confidence, and right perspective. We also like to thank Ms Sudha Ji, for the parenting seminar, which gave us a positive outlook. We have learnt a lot and came out with a more positive vision towards parenting and life. Thanks a ton for all your efforts .
Kanika Garg and Abhinav Garg
Parents of Aadvik Garg

I am Mr. M.L. Aggarwal, Grandfather of Anushka Aggarwal. I want to mention on behalf of my family that we are so blessed that a teacher like Sushant Sir is Anushka’s Guru. Sir, I thank you very much for your hardwork and dedication. You truly go above and beyond. Every time when we look up to you, you prove that you are a blessing in student’s life. We are grateful that you take the extra time and energy to help students. Thank you very much for making a difference. Anushka is a better student now and that is just because of you. Thank you.
M.L. Aggarwal
Grandfather of Anushka Aggarwal

I am the mother of Varnika Jain, studing in Indrapuram Grade 2. I want to share my feeling about the strong interest she has developed in her studies these days .Few months back Varnika refused to take part in the upcoming Olympiad Examination of Mathematics. But suddenly yesterday she comes to me and says that she wants to take part in the Olympiad as she was able to solve all the tricky word problems given by her class teacher, without doing any mistake. I was surprised to hear this and realized that this Revision Test filled my child with great confidence. I also wanted to share that my child is trying her best to communicate mostly in English now. Even if she is not completely correct all the time, I am happy that she is at least trying. It makes me very happy to realize that Presidium is taking care of a rising future of my child.
Parent of Varnika

Today when I look back at the day when Ahaan first went to Presidium, it seems that Time has flew away & nothing has changed by yet the fact is that things have changed a lot for good reasons & this is all b'coz of you, You have help my son to gain his self confidence lacking in so many kids today.
Jyoti Vaid
Mother of Ahaan Vaid

Good day to you. "THINK BIG THINK AHEAD" MANTRA IS; FOR SURE- THE "SUCCESS RECIPE" FOR PRESIDIUM TODAY. With an excellent academic team THE CURRIMAKERS that make innovative & creative lesson plans and a par-excellence administrator like Presidium Teachers,,
Nidhi Gupta
Mother of Riya

DHi, This is regarding the new curriculum of PRESIDIUM. I want to share that it is the best curriculum till now a child of 4 years can co-relate the alphabets & symbols to newspaper which is the biggest achievement. The methodology which you are using now is really affective. The SBL,TBL & PBL will definitely enhance the life skills of a child. I am a parent of a 4yr child studying at Presidium and I am very proud to say that my child is telling me and learning one new thing every day, which is unbelievable. I am very very thankful to the class teachers Danish Mam & Tanu Mam they are doing wonders. Being in to the same field I know the importance of curriculum but it is completely dependent upon the teachers, for my child her teachers are like angel for her. I can see my child future she will definitely be a leader of tomorrow. All the best to Currimakers and once again thanks to class teachers.
Savita Thukral
Mukesh Thukral

Parents of Ahana Thukral

Hi! You must be wondering who I am and why I am writing this letter. Well, I am a proud parent of six years old Riya Gupta, a Presidian of class I. A few days ago Riya and I were sitting in the temple. After enchanting 'Jai Ganesh Jai Ganesh Deva', she started reciting a shloka, "Guru Brahma Gurur Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwara Guru Sakshat Para Brahma, Tasmai Sree Gurudevan Namaha." My father-in-law who was sitting nearby was awestruck when he heard this. He called Riya and asked her where she had learnt the shloka from. She told him that she learnt it at school
Nidhi Gupta
Mother of Riya

The most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well. We were informed that if we find something good in life skill class we should write and convey it to you. So I Priyanka Laur mother of Vedant Laur of 5B and Rashmee Malhotra mother of Shobhit Malhotra 6A would like to appreciate and acknowledge Presidium for taking up life skill so passionately. We both have realized how important it is to instill values and good behavior in our children and why self discipline is so important. Thank you so much for doing our job for us. We totally rely on you and the school for bringing up our children
Rashmee Malhotra
Mother of Shobhit



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